Celebrities’ Obsession with Cyrotherapy: Their Thoughts on it

Cryotherapy has taken the celebrity world by storm. Some do it for health, some do it for reverse-aging, and some do it just because it feels great! Here are some celebrities and their thoughts on cryotherapy.

Basics of Cyrotherapy

What it involves: Walking into a tank of nitrogen gas which will freeze you for around three minutes.

What it’s for: Cryotherapy is meant to reduce your muscle soreness and boost up your recovery time after tough workouts. The treatment is also able to burn up to 800 calories per session (three minutes) and speed up your metabolism thereafter. It also helps with cellulite and fats.

Yolanda Hadid

Image credit: Movie TV Tech Geeks

Yolanda Hadid, currently the most famous for being the mother of supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, has been openly advocating the use of cryotherapy, claiming it helps her Lymes Disease. She even went so fast as to bring co-star Lisa Vanderpump with her to her cryotherapist on the TV show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Floyd Mayweather

Image credit: YouTube

Mayweather has been using cryotherapy almost daily leading up to his famous match against Pacquiao. By undergoing this treatment, he sped up his recovery time and was able to squeeze in more and tougher workouts leading to the fight itself.

Lebron James

Image credits: Vimeo

LeBron James is said to love cryotherapy, using it to help his muscles recover from pain and injuries after intense training and to heighten his alertness.

Lindsay Lohan

Image credits: Instagram

Lindsay Lohan used to Instagram and Snapchat her cryotherapy sessions a lot. They’re all gone now after her Instagram revamp following her recent conversion. Still, it’s safe to say that at one point in her life she was definitely a fan!

Daniel Craig

daniel craig bodyImage credit: kinobody.com

James Bond star Daniel Craig reportedly used cryotherapy to bolster the training for his physique in Skyfall. We’d say it worked.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Image credits: YouTube

Spanish paper El Mundo has reported that Ronaldo spent €45,000 on getting his own cryotherapy chamber. After trying it out at his gym, he has gotten addicted to the treatment and now uses it twice every week, perhaps in place of his usual ice bath (as shown in the picture above)!

Derek Hough

Image credits: Instagram | @derekhough

Derek Hough shows his love for the cryotherapy treatment by posting a nearly naked photo of himself on Instagram. We’re sold!

Mark Ballas

Image credits: Instagram | @markballas

Derek Hough’s Dancing With The Stars co-star Mark Ballas also swears by cryotherapy, going so far as to bring his dance partner, Willow Shields, to a session.

Shaquille O’Neal

Image credits: Instagram | @shaq

Basketball great Shaquille O’Neal also looks to cryotherapy to recovger after a long and strenous training session.

Demi Moore

demi mooreImage credits: Instagram: | @_demimoore

Demi Moore was caught on camera visiting a cryotherapy clinic in Los Angeles, which specializes in anti-aging treatments, shortly before her 50th birthday. This caused an uproar in celebrity news sites and many of them hailed cryotherapy as “Demi Moore’s secret to youth”.

Demi Lovato

Image credits: Snapchat

Demi Lovato uses cryotherapy for an after-workout recovery session. She posted both the workout session she had and the cryotherapy session on Snapchat.

Mandy Moore

Image credit: Instagram | @mandymooremm

Pop star Mandy Moore loves cryotherapy so much, she even brought her friend, actress Minka Kelly, to give the treatment a try!

Tony Robbins

Image credits: Broward Cryotherapy

Inspirational self-help speaker Tony Robbins believes in the benefits of cyrotherapy so much, he has a Cryochamber at home so he can use it daily! He likes to take a dip in his jacuzzi first, before a cold plunge, then ending off with cryotherapy. He does this daily to keep his body healthy.

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