3 Weird Pain Relief Methods People Try at Home

From rubbing a hard boiled egg on bruises to putting a raw steak on your face – I’m sure we have all heard of weird pain relief methods before. Have you tried these bizarre home remedies for pain management?

Biting on a pencil to cure headaches.
Sometimes headaches can be brought about when you clench your jaws too hard due to stress. This strains the muscles, which in turn can trigger tension headaches. This housewives’ trick suggests that you put a pencil between your teeth to relax jaw muscles, which can prevent headaches.

Alternatively… Whole Body Cryotherapy can be used to reduce headaches, and even bring about a temporary sense of euphoria that can last for hours after treatment! No biting down on pencils – we are sure that tastes iffy anyway, and looks even sillier.

2. Tennis Balls to massage sore muscles.
Sore muscles from working out, or perhaps you are suffering from chronic aches? Some suggest that you look for help in a tennis ball. Roll a tennis ball on sore muscles to massage them for temporary pain relief. You can lean against a wall with the tennis ball pressing on your back to massage achy backs, or even step on it and roll it around with your foot to help achy feet.

Alternatively… Both localised and whole body cryotherapy have been proven to be effective treatments for both chronic pain management as well as muscle soreness post exercise. With Olympic athletes opting for this treatment to help their body recover post-exercise, you can be sure that it is good enough for you.

3. Magnets…how do they work?
It sounds bizarre, but some swear that magnets can help in pain relief. Simply place a magnet on achy parts, and they may affect how nerve cells function by blocking pain signals. They may also encourage blood flow to tissue to tissues. But beware – they may be unsafe for those with medical devices such as a pacemaker!

Alternatively… why not try cryotherapy? Whole Body Cryotherapy and Localised Cryotherapy have been scientifically proven to reduce pain and aid in recovery by encouraging circulation and numbing pain sensors. Opt for a method that has decades of research to prove that it works!

Contact us to find out more about how cryotherapy can benefit you. With a repertoire of users ranging from Hollywood celebrities to Olympic athletes, you too can enjoy this A-lister treatment.