Localized Cryotherapy


What is Localized Cryotherapy?

Localized or local cryotherapy is one of the oldest therapeutic natural treatments. These treatments are used to minimize pain, swelling and inflammation in specific areas of the body. In other words, local cryotherapy focuses the treatment on targeted areas of the arms, abs, legs and other portions deemed to be allowed by the physician or the therapist. Since, it emphasized target area; it was later on termed as spot cryo. Local cryotherapy usually operates through a cold air which is employed by a device or hose in order to allow activation precision cooling to the affected portion. Also, it includes the movement of airflow dosage to the affected skin.

Whole body-cryotherapy versus Localized cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy only focused on the small body area portion. It requires ventilation with the so-called nitrogen vapor which is a gas temperature at the outlet of the nozzle can range from -160° C to -196° C. Moreover, it will also include ventilation with a combination of nitrogen vapour and cooled air that is a temperature of the gas combination varies from -100° C to -178° C. Lastly, there must be a ventilation with cold air which implies temperature that ranges from – 30° C to -34° C.

Furthermore, local cryotherapy is being compared to “icing”, even though much more efficient and powerful based on the experience. A local area treatment will only need about 5-8 minutes to be conducted, with the benefit that exceeds hours of icing.

Whole-body cryotherapy, on the other hand, does not involve only a small and specific portion but the entire body, including the head. It introduces cryosauna and cryochamber. Cryosauna is a term used referring to a two-stage chamber while cryochamber refers to cool retention effect. These chambers are cooled with a combination of liquid nitrogen vapor and air or may also be called as a process of compression cooling system.

The low-temperature administers and delivers cold air which cools the entire body. It triggers a mechanism of internal and systemic anti-inflammatory reaction of the body which then eases pain and aches.

Local Cryotherapy Procedures

As a treatment, local cryotherapy uses commonly the following cryogen components: cooled air, carbon dioxide, and liquid nitrogen. During the session, the patient or who will undertake the therapy should strictly dry the targeted area of the body which will be subjected to treatment. It is the patient’s prerogative to choose to stand, sit or lie, whichever is deemed comfortable to him. However, it is very much preferred to make the patient stand during the session for better elevation.

The procedure is not exclusive and general. It is discretionary to the body structure of the patient. The physician may employ diverse techniques totally different from each of the patient. Additionally, aside from body structure as a determining factor, muscle mass and fat thickness may also be considered.

The treatment time takes usually from 30 sec to several minutes (3-4 min), depending on the patient’s skin. The time is still subject to other determinant factors.

Local Therapy Target Clients

Patients with locomotor illnesses are considered as the target clients eligible for cryotherapy. Muscular and skeletal system are some of the essential body systems which allow everyone to move. The absence or disorder of such body system affects the life of every individual, not just physically but also psycho-socially The inability to move affects an individual both socially as well as psycho-socially. Muscular disorders are not only limited to elderly because even children can also be one of the victims. It affects people of all ages and from all social classes.

Local cryotherapy Device

Electric Local Cryo-Stimulation Device (eLCSD) is an example of local cryotherapy unit. It is a newly discovered device for purposes of local cryo-stimulation that operates without the need for the liquid nitrogen (LN2).

The eLCSD is given a commendable success worldwide because it is considered as the first non-nitrogen devices with a sensor. The sensor is put inside the application nozzle for the regulation of the patient’s skin temperature. The rationale why the sensor checks the skin temperature is to make sure the appropriate therapeutic temperature. In others words, Electric Local Cryo-Stimulation Device prohibits the potential overcooling and frostbites. This process is an essential part of the session since the requisite for the great results of the device depends upon the skin temperature. As soon as it has been correctly checked, the cryotherapy treatment will follow.The device is easy to operate. As you turn it on, it will allow treatment to start.

In a nutshell, local cryotherapy as cryotherapy for the 21st century had been already prescribed by almost therapy experts around the worldwide. It is a therapeutic mechanism which does not only solve muscular and skeletal disorders but also extends to solving our psycho-social disorders which rooted from such.

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