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Cryofacial Singapore

Introduction to Cryotherapy

In Greek terms, cryo means cold, and therapy means cure. Using logical reasoning, cryotherapy is defined to be as a cure by means of cold. It is mechanism utilizes an extremely cold lair or liquid to freeze and get rid of the diseased skin cells. Cryotherapy for the 21st century had already become the modern way of confronting skin problems instead of appreciating exercise, gym or even doing the zumba dance to improve physical health. The Cryotherapy technique is commonly known as cryocautery or cryosurgery.

Cryotherapy has not only improved the way of life of the people by helping them with their personal problems. It has also foster appreciation towards the researchers conducted by our scientist, dermatologist and doctors. It has provided as the idea that there are really means to combat every skin and anxiety problems that we keep. From the whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) to the localized cryotherapy, every patient have been satisfied with the respective results. With that, the field of dermatology slowly evolved and created cryotherapy facial.

Cryotherapy facial definition

By definition, cryofacial treatment is a cryotherapy which administers the application of nitrogen gas at a temperature of -35° F to the areas in the face, nose, ears, scalp, and neck. This method is of benefit in improving skin problem areas. Utilizing the nitrogen gas to the face during a cryofacial session will efficiently and effectively destroy the dead tissues and toxins existing in the so-called subcutaneal tissue beneath the skin’s surface of the face which leads to a lighter and better quality.

Moreover, the CryoFacial promises not only an instantaneous tightness in the skin but also produces collagen. The collagen makes sure to consistently release more cells. As a consequence, the quality of the skin would appear to more elastic as you followed the recommended and repeated use. You are well-assured with the skin which will erase blemishes and make you younger.

With regards to the recommended series of applications of cryogen in the face, the Cryotherapy effects of collagen will so much visible and clear. You will not be required to take any surgery thereof. It is an easy treatment which could be finished or completed just within 15 minutes.

The CryoFacial is chilling out and calming process that operates through engaging in the so-called cryotherapy or commonly known as “freeze therapy”. When the skin is freezing in accordance with the appropriate time prescribed by the physician, there would be results involving construction of the microcirculation vessels and vasodilatation. The movements of the vessels are caused by the rapid or increasing release of transmitter substances. These processes are considered as paradoxical vasomotricity. It performs its function to activate the microcirculation. In this case, there will be an oxygenation of dermal cells which adds up to collagen production. This will further release vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary to provide protection to the skin and other unpleasant setbacks.

Cryofacial process

The Cryofacial Treatment Process involves the following steps: preparation, treatment, and set a regimen.

PREPARATION- Before the scheduled treatment, the physician should make sure that the patient is physically fit to undertake treatment. In other words, one must have no illnesses which may contribute to a probable risk.

TREATMENT- Time treatment takes 5-10 minutes. The treatment involves the application of the available Nitrogen gas prepared to be ultra-cooled to the face.

SET A REGIMEN- Setting a regimen will enhance and make the benefits of the nitrogen visible in the face. It takes 15 minutes to utilize the regime.

Cryotherapy Facial in Singapore

Absolute Zero and ONLY Aesthetics in Singapore operates the first cryotherapy in the Asia. ONLY Aesthetics is the parent company of the Absolute Zero which also promotes the same thing.

Cryofacial is rising in popularity in Singapore. They utilize extreme low temperatures to restore the skin’s tone, radiance, and quality. Moreover, cryotherapy effects will help the fatigued and dull skins get back to normal. The facial session is finished off with a blend mask and a satisfying massage.

Cryofacial promises to lighten acne scars, skin regeneration, elimination of scratch marks, detoxify and clean the skin cells, erase eye puffiness, and increase the collagen production. However, it is important to first evaluate any allergy that may put you in risk during the session. Most individuals who have impaired liver capacity and those who are undertaking medical treatments may be prohibited to try the cryotherapy.

In conclusion, Cryofacial indeed had imparted a huge and essential assistance to the completeness of everyone’s being. It does not only treat every person’s physical look but also treat low self-esteem and doubt in self.

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