10 Fun Facts On Cryotherapy

cryotherapy facts

Cryotherapy Facts

Known as a treatment that requires a patient to getting inside a liquid-nitrogen-filled Cryotherapy chamber, with a temperature of between -184 and -292 degrees Fahrenheit, Cryotherapy is the latest trend in the aesthetics and medical world and which is said to bring a multitude of benefits, including weight loss, treatment of skin conditions and pain relief, to name a few. Today, let’s focus on the 10 fun cryotherapy facts on it.


Best 10 Fun Cryotherapy Facts

  1. You can burn up to 800 calories in a matter of minutes by keeping up with extreme cold temperature for up to three minutes inside the Cryotherapy chamber.
  2. NBA superstars, LeBron James, Grant Hill and Shaquille O’Neal have testified to the wonderful Cryotherapy benefits for sports performance, muscle recovery and pain relief. In an article at comSuns Training Staff Unveils Cryo-Chamber,” revealed that Cryotherapy was part of their routine for helping athletes recover fast and improve their performance.
  3. A Cryotherapy chamber was first used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions with symptoms that include pain and discomfort of the muscles and joints.
  4. Cryotherapy in Hollywood is now a favorite among stars like Mandy Moore and Daniel Craig, who are using it for keeping their bodies in top shape. No wonder, the procedure is known to speed up metabolism and burn fat.
  5. The treatment speeds up recovery time after a workout or a strenuous physical activity. Thus, it might be for you if you are one who wants to recover fast after hours in the gym. [You can even have Cryotherapy before a workout to improve your results].
  6. The body, with its emergency response to the cold temperature, hijacks as much blood as possible to get into the preservation method. While the blood is there, it grabs as much as beneficial enzymes and nutrients, and once blood gets into the muscles, it escalates muscle fatigue relief.
  7. It can improve mood and combat depression. Cryotherapy in Singapore can improve blood circulation, facilitating the increased delivery of nutrients and oxygen in the body, leading to the release of endorphins (happy hormones). These hormones are furthered when inside the chamber because they help the body in coping up with extremely low temperature.
  8. Great news for women—Cryotherapy treatment helps in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. Experts agreed how this therapy improves overall skin condition, including wrinkle prevention and reduction and skin tightening.
  9. It reduces cellulite because it causes blood circulation to soar, resulting to a boost in oxygen and nutrients to the cells, speeding up the removal of waste materials and contouring of the muscles.
  10. Cryotherapy was first introduced in Japan in 1978 and its benefits have been refined with studies that took place since then. Numerous medical device makers and medical practitioners grew interested in the freezing technology, so it has gone a long way since that time and now it has been one of the latest trends in the aesthetics and medical industry for Cryotherapy for weight loss and for sports performance.


These are the 10 fun facts to know about Cryotherapy treatment that has taken the world by storm in the past years due to numerous benefits that it offers. To find out if Cryotherapy procedure is for you, come down for a free assessment and consultation at Absolute Zero today!