Could you freeze your way to a slimmer figure?

We’ve heard about Bikram yoga and how heat can help you (literally) sweat pounds off your frame – but what about cold? There is a common misconception that people put on weight when the weather gets cold, but do you know that you can harness the power of cold to burn off fats too? Don’t worry – lots of people are surprised by this benefit of cryotherapy. Find out more about how you can use cryotherapy for weight loss below!

The principle behind how cryotherapy for weight loss works is simple: by bringing your surface temperature down, your body is shocked into kick starting your metabolism – and we all know what that means. Let your body burn off the fats as easy as that!

This treatment is especially useful for people who may not otherwise be able to dedicate hours every week going to the gym. Perhaps you simply have too much work to do, perhaps you need to pick your kids up after school, or maybe you even suffer from chronic health problems that makes most form of exercise an impossibility. There are various reasons why some people cannot realistically pursue exercise as a method for weight loss, but that does not mean they don’t deserve to have a slim and svelte figure!

Cryogenic therapy has been employed for decades by doctors as an effective method to alleviate pain, there has been evidence indicating that it aids in weight loss as well. Cryotherapy to lose fats is especially useful for people looking to lose fat deposits in stubborn areas, such as the back, upper arms, and even around the armpits.

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