A cold that heals

Everything is muti-functional these days: your phone doubles as a camera, and your laptop has long replaced your television. Why should your healthcare routine fall behind? Take a simple, tried-and-tested solution and combine it with modern technology, and you will get Whole Body Cryotherapy – your all-in-one solution to improving your overall health and performance. Here are three ways Whole Body Cryotherapy can help you:

1. Decrease recovery time

One of the main functions for Whole Body Cryotherapy is pain relief, but do you also know that it can aid in recovery as well? Many athletes use Whole Body Cryotherapy as a way to take care of their bodies post-exercise – the cold temperature serves to kick start your immune system and reduce inflammation, so you can return to training faster and harder than before.

2. Burn Calories

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) isn’t just for athletes or gym rats – many other types of people use it as a way to keep their bodies in optimum condition. WBC can kick start your metabolism, allowing your body to burn up to 800 calories in just minutes in the cryochamber. It is a great treatment for those who exercise and are also looking for additional avenues of weight loss.

3. Improve mental well-being

Being stressed almost feels normal these days for many people. Juggling work and personal life definitely takes a pretty big toll on our mental health. Mental health is every bit as important as our physical health and we should take care to not neglect it. Besides meditation, you can also try Whole Body Cryotherapy – it has been reported to improve mood and concentration significantly lasting up to hours after the session.

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