The 3 most fattening Christmas dishes. Have you had them?

Christmas is a time for celebration with your loved ones – and what better way of doing it than feasting on sumptuous christmas meals? We are sure you’ve had your share of great dishes, but your waistline may be less appreciative of your indulgence. Let’s find out which food items rank the highest in terms of packing pounds on your frame:

1. Alcohol

Few of us could resist the urge to imbibe over this festive season – what is Christmas without spiced wine, after all? But watch it: alcohol is one of the main culprits causing you to pile on weight during the holiday season. Some alcohol contain a shockingly high amount of calories, which you might want to think about before you grab that second round of irish coffee!

2. Mashed potatoes

We all know that excess carbs contribute to weight gain, but imagine loading that with milk, butter, and salt. Well, that’s how you make mashed potatoes! It is even more fattening with added gravy on top. A healthier substitute would be to replace potatoes with sweet potatoes.

3. Cake

A Christmas without a buche noel wouldn’t be the same. But perhaps keep it at one slice – this sugary concoction of flour, eggs, milk and sugar is sure to make you gain unwanted pounds if you don’t keep an eye on how much you are eating!

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