Signs and Causes of Worn Joint Cartilage

Even if you’re not the sporty kind, healthy joints are very important for a high standard of living.

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Knowing what you’re dealing with is very important and it’s good to keep a lookout for the symptoms of cartilage wear as well as to know the causes.

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Under -300 Degrees for 3 Minutes

Cryotherapy singapore-3mins

Reigning UFC Champion Rafael Dos Anjos at Absolute Zero for Whole Body Cryotherapy before his training.

Cryotherapy First Experience

I’m standing naked, except for my boxer shorts, staring at the cryotherapy chamber that is about to engulf me in sub-freezing liquid nitrogen. I’m terrified. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was this scared.

The 20-something year old woman standing next to me gives me two socks and two gloves to put on. “These will keep you from getting frostbite. It’s important you keep them on.”

I think, what about my other parts?

I walk into the chamber and she seals me in. It’s like standing in an upright tanning bed with my head poking out of the top.

I assume the fig leaf position and just like David Byrne I wonder, well, how did I get here?

I first heard about whole body cryotherapy when I was hanging out with some US Navy SEALs in San Diego. They told me that some rich private citizen bought the SEALs some chambers from Japan and shipped them in so they could speed up recovery from injuries. At that time, it sounded to me like some kind of dangerous voodoo.

The second time I heard about cryotherapy chambers was when Tony Robbins mentioned he has one in each of his homes and starts every morning with a deep freeze. He talked about it shocking the system and curing inflammation problems including arthritis. Interesting, I thought, but was still skeptical.

The third time I saw a cryotherapy chamber was on episode 9 of the HBO show, “Billions.” Hey, if a fictional hedge fund manager played by Damien Lewis is doing cryotherapy, I’m all in!

As I investigated cryotherapy further, I found all kinds of remarkable claims being made by manufacturers. Freezing your body apparently helps you to lose weight, tighten skin, relieve muscle pain, boost the immune system, and improve sleep quality. Of course, I really couldn’t find any proof of these claims.

The clinical research I did find was mixed, but there are studies showing a reduction in cell-signaling proteins that cause inflammation (specifically TNF-α, NF-κB, TGF-β and MMP-9). I learned that Lebron James, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and many professional athletes now use cryotherapy instead of old-fashioned ice baths. And I also learned that a 24-year old woman froze herself to death in Las Vegas last year.

So that’s how I ended up in the cryochamber.

It takes about thirty seconds to reach its maximum cold point. Nitrogen gas hugged my body and swirled out near my face. I ask the attendant just how cold it is.

“You hit negative 186 Celsius,” she answered.

That didn’t seem right to me. All the articles I read talked about typical temperatures being negative 100 degrees Fahrenheit with a maximum cold of negative 280 degrees Fahrenheit. But 186 Celsius is -303 Fahrenheit.

“Are you sure?” I ask.

She stared at the display panel for a moment. “I’m sure. That’s what it’s reading.”

Hmm, maybe she means Fahrenheit and not Celsius. Either way, it’s dang cold.

“If it’s that cold, how come it doesn’t actually freeze my body?” I ask.

“It’s a dry cold,” she replies with a straight face.

After the first minute I think, this isn’t too bad.

After the second minute, I start shivering and think it’s kind of like running outside in your underwear in the middle of the night during winter. Not that I can I really know what that’s like.

My fingers begin to numb so I start doing jazz hands down by my waist.

The third minute was a bit harder to take. Very uncomfortable. It wasn’t exactly cold like you’re used to feeling. It was more like a light burning sensation on the skin.

I started a breathing meditation to keep my mind off the cold.

“That’s three minutes,” she pressed a button and then opened the door. The nitrogen gas escaped, flooded the room and quickly dissipated.

As I stepped out and began to dress, I realized that I didn’t feel all that cold. It’s nothing at all like emerging from a swimming pool and racing for the towel to dry off and warm up. And within another minute, fully dressed and walking out to my car, I didn’t feel cold at all.

But I also didn’t feel any different. I didn’t experience the energy rush so many people talk about. All my normal muscle pains and carpal tunnel wrist were still there. And nope, I didn’t sleep any better at night.

And I feel disappointed. I wanted cryotherapy to work. Who doesn’t want more energy, less pain and better sleep all from a three minute treatment?

For me, the jury is still out and I’ll definitely try it again. It certainly wasn’t as bad as I had feared, and perhaps with more frequent use, or freezing immediately after my workouts would get better results. But for now, I’m off to investigate another extreme productivity tactic that research indicates will increase dopamine in the mesocorticolimbic pathway resulting in an instant mood boost. Yes, there is indeed a scientific case for cold showers.

Source: Forbes

Top 10 Cryotherapy Questions Answered!

cryotherapy questions

10 Cryotherapy Questions Tackled! 

As someone who’s looking to spruce up your health and wellness plan, you might have heard of Cryotherapy, a procedure that utilizes extremely low temperatures in order to help improve your body’s functions, eliminate stress, pain and arthritis and reduce weight, among others. In the midst of research, it’s normal to have Cryotherapy questions, which answers we’re revealing in today’s post.

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  1. Who developed Cryotherapy treatment?
    The technology was developed and was introduced in Japan in 1978, originally for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, but was refined and researched further in Europe later.
  1. When was it developed?
    For over three decades, it’s used in both Japan and Europe. Since then, numerous research and studies have been published on medical journals regarding Cryotherapy effects. In the US, the treatment is also used and considered as a wellness modality.
  1. Why is it called Cryotherapy absolute zero?
    The sauna chamber utilizes gasiform liquid nitrogen that works to lower the skin’s surface temperature by up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit for up to three minutes.
  1. How does Cryotherapy work?
    A patient is required to go into the chamber with appropriate Cryotherapy temperature but he isn’t in direct contact with the nitrogen gas. His skin reacts to the cold temperature sending a message to the brain, which acts as a stimulant to the regulatory organs of the body. The brain then scans all body parts to detect if they may not be working to their fullest potential. This exposure to lower temperatures releases the body’s endorphins and anti-inflammatory molecules.
  1. Is whole body Cryotherapy safe?
    Yes, it is. It has been used for more than three decades, and yet, there is no severe adverse body reaction recorded. The problem may only occur if a patient would step into the chamber with wet clothing or socks, which may freeze immediately at the low temperature.
  1. Is the treatment comfortable?
    Yes, it is. A patient is required to wear protective clothing, including cotton underwear for men, cotton socks, and gloves. He or she will also be given a cotton band to cover the ears and a disposable mask to cover the mouth. And because the procedure lasts for only three minutes, the coldness is tolerable. While you may have pins and needles, it will disappear immediately after.
  1. What are Cryotherapy results?
    Some results you will get are the release of endorphins that will make you feel good and energetic, enhancing your mood in every session and effects can last for a couple of days.
  1. How many sessions do I need?
    The number of sessions varies from patient to patient, but initially, a maximum of 10 sessions are needed to gain maximum results. After, you will need maintenance treatments to improve results, but such will be spaced further apart.
  1. What are Cryotherapy benefits?
    There are so many benefits from the treatment. These include improved athletic performance, fast muscle recovery, sports injury prevention, intense exercise recovery, improved joint disorders, pain relief, mood elevation, improved energy and fat loss [which we’ll further explain in the next FAQ]
  1. Can it help me lose fat?
    Yes! Cryotherapy for weight loss is among the most sought after benefits of this treatment. Experts revealed that it speeds up your metabolism by up to three times faster and it works to reduce cellulite. It is possible due to the subzero temperature that helps in improving blood circulation, boosting the supply of nutrients and oxygen in the body, getting rid of toxins and toning the muscles. According to experts, Cryotherapy can reduce and burn fat, and so it is recommended in a wellness plan.

There you have the 10 Cryotherapy questions that you have to know prior to getting this treatment. Now if you’re looking to find the best Cryotherapy treatment centers, then there’s no need to search further as you’re exactly at the right place—Absolute Zero. Come down for a free consultation and assessment today!

5 Celebrities Who Sworn by Cryotherapy

cryotherapy celebrities review

Cryotherapy: 5 Celebrities Who Sworn by it!

Cryotherapy is said to be providing an instant body and health boost for athletes, supermodels and other celebrities, Cryotherapy treatment, a scientific procedure originally created and introduced for rheumatoid arthritis treatment, is NOW considered a ‘celebrity thing.’ It’s a fast-rising trend in aesthetics and beauty procedures with its numerous benefits and these celebrities have testified to that.


Five Celebrities Who Love the Cryotherapy Chamber 

  1. Derek Hough: He posted an Instagram of himself and his steel-hard abs. Fans from around the world WOWED not only for his appearance but also for his different look—shirtless and wearing a facemask in a foggy nitrogen chamber of a temperature between -184 and -292 degrees Fahrenheit. The pro Dancing with the Stars celebrity surprised his fans of his new cryotherapy spa treatment that involves a typical ‘chilling out. (*freezing out)
  1. Lindsay Lohan: Treating joint pain after inflicting herself with chikungunya disease that she got after vacationing in the far islands of the French Polynesia, she said that cryotherapy has been helping her with the pain and in getting more sleep eventually.
  1. Mandy Moore: With girlfriend Minka Kelly, they are freezing their bums off with this cool new Cryotherapy and weight loss treatment, which is winning celebrity fans from around the world. No wonder, the procedure is non-invasive yet it works effectively in speeding up metabolism, ideal for fitness seekers who want to speed up weight loss with exercise, diet and of course, Cryotherapy. Moore announced her new obsession to this freezing treatment via Instagram, where she and her friend can spend between two and three minutes inside the chamber, with a temperature of between -200 and -240 degrees Fahrenheit.

How does it work? The skin reacts to the cold it experiences inside a Cryotherapy chamber, sending messages to the brain that triggers the release of both endorphins and anti-inflammatory molecules. For those who have tried Cryotherapy treatment for the face, they have testified to have their dark spots minimized and their fine lines and pores reduced.

  1. Lawrence Dallaglio: He is one of England rugby players, along with others like Joe Worsley, who have publicized their latest unusual spa therapy. This unheard approach to improving sports performance and speeding up muscle recovery and repair, a few Cryotherapy effects, is one of those that have been capturing the attention of superstar athletes like Dallaglio.
  1. Daniel Craig: He is one of the celebrities who also love Cryotherapy whole body, especially when he was preparing for his James Bond role. Definitely, this treatment isn’t just a craze but one top procedure that will stay as one of the choices among celebrities who want to both condition and keep their body in shape and on top health.


Whole Body Cryotherapy is a treatment that requires patients to spend a couple of minutes inside a freezing chamber at a temperature of -180 degrees or lower to gain results, including a boost in collagen production, improved athletic performance, pain relief and weight loss.

There you have our list of the top five celebrities who had tried this freezing treatment for a greater body and have been continuously supporting it for their varying needs and purposes.

If you want to get maximum Cryotherapy benefits, then come down for a free assessment at Absolute Zero today!

Whole Body Cryotherapy for Weight Loss

cryotherapy for weight loss

Cryotherapy For Weight Loss: Discover How To Lose Up To 800 Calories In 1 Session! 

Introduction to Cryotherapy

There are clouds of alternatives to help you lose weight. You may have a healthy diet as a habit, gym activity, and regular exercise. These are natural remedies which could help you at some points in losing weight. However, if you wanted to not waste so much time since doing this habit would require so much time until results are visible, you may try the cryotherapy. Cryochamber sessions can help you burn an extra 800 calories in just two to three minutes.

In Greek terms, cryo means cold, and therapy means the cure. In other words, cryotherapy is a cure using cold. Cryotherapy is a bone-chilling procedure which claims to release to 800 calories from your body. Aside from that, it increases your metabolism because the treatment releases endorphins and cellulite. It will cover up and eases swelling and inflammation in your muscles. Thus, the cryotherapy effects will improve one sleep. It will also make your skin smooth and appears to have no sign of aging. Whole-body cryotherapy chambers and localized cryotherapy are presently popping up around the world. It had already toured in every sides and corner of the globe.

How to lose up 800 calories with Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a substitute to a regular gym or exercise. You do not have to engage yourself anymore with asserting effort and energy in running, exercise, zumba, or gym. Cryotherapy will do that for you. All you have to do is to either stand, sit or lie for several minutes. The stationary or portable device will do all the efforts, works, and services for you. Weight loss with cryotherapy can be achieved, incident benefits will also be received. These include mood moderator and skin moisturization.

Cryosauna is a cryotherapy chamber with an open top and a platform that sees to it the height of the patient. It is closed cubicle which employs the use of liquid nitrogen that secretes ice cold air. Also, the cryosauna makes sure that patients know that the liquid nitrogen being used during the cryo treatment procedure as a cooling component does not come into a direct contact with the body. It only means that the operation is indeed safe for everyone to undertake.There will be a monitoring personnel which will look after your cold tolerance inside the operating room.

Most importantly, everyone should not forget to utilize the special foot socks that will assist you to the extremely low temperatures. However, undergarments should remain to its proper place in order to protect sensitive body parts. Make sure that you keep your hands elevated to avoid unnecessary effects or setbacks.

Cryotherapy in Singapore

Cryotherapy Singapore has also started to operate their Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment. Absolute Zero is first and exclusive aesthetic center promoting for cryotherapy treatment in the Asia. It was established by the ONLY group of companies. The Whole Body Cryochamber is a single-person electronic device which encloses a client’s body while making sure that the head and neck area are exposed to room air above the electronic device. The doors are not locked in order to allow the patients to go out from the device whenever they feel uncomfortable or that unnecessary effects may happen to them. The session is usually administered in three minutes.

Cryotherapy Sessions

Cryotherapy is made more like of just having aerobic exercises. It easily burns and creates fire to lose weight. Cryotherapy sessions take actively in the advocacy of everyone who wanted to lose up 800 calories in the body. In order to achieve the pure and clear results, it is recommended that everyone secure a minimum of 10 sessions over the course of a two to three weeks.  Furthermore, it is also important to note that it must repeat the series of treatments every three month period subject to the necessity of the individual. More importantly, taking up one to two sessions each day will absolutely leave you 800 calories off your body. having This is the very reason why most athletes are the patients of most Cryosauna or Cryotherapy spa. They always see to it that they are fit without to take any medications or drug sustenance. It will shape their body to the extent of their needs and wants.

All in all, Cryotherapy served to be the easiest, safest and efficient way on how to lose 800 calories up within 3 minutes. This is an alternative to an extensive work out and aerobic exercises which needs a lot of energy and effort. Cryotherapy is an instant solution to everybody who are eager to lose weight. It is not just for women who wanted to look good by being skinny but also accessible for all who needs its services.

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Pain Relief With Cryotherapy!


Discover Pain Relief through Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatments today! 

Background of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is also known as cold therapy. It is applied and used in order to ease the body pain. It mainly helps your joints and bones relax and feel good. It is a remedy to the internal injury in your body. Athletes have indeed subscribed to the use of cryotherapy in order to treat or give relief to their body injury or body pain. By applying a cooling effect, it reduces the feeling of uneasiness and unpleasantness. In other words, the cryotherapy improves an individual’s mood. The cooling effect lowers your skin temperature. It reduces the nerve tension and minimizes swelling.

How to ease your body pain with Cryotherapy

The comprehensive and tiresome work each day would contribute to body pain. It would make as comfortable and would not even allow us to sleep. Cryotherapy answers every problem that we got. All you have to do is to allow yourself to experience comfort. Reward yourself by taking a break from things or work which causes you intensive pain. You can apply a cold compress to a portion of the body part which contributes to your body ache. By doing such, you would be able to control the swelling and pain. It makes every single body pain manageable or easy to carry. After doing the cold compress, you may elevate the cooling effect by raising your feet up. This will add to your comfort. Cryotherapy is invented as a natural remedy to every pain. Cryotherapy is dichotomized into two depending on its practice. It may be done at the nearest spa in your town or done with merely applying a cold or frozen item to the portion of the body to ease the pain.


Cryotherapy Reviews 

Melissa, 27, from Philadelphia PA, shares her life story. She had experienced a chronic illness. It leads her to feel uncomfortable decided deep within herself that the pain has to end. She was referred by her friends to try the cryo spa. After the session, it made her feel completely fresh and better. She was amazed of the results of cryotherapy.

Sophie, from Doylestown PA, also decided to give it a try. However, the situation is completely different at all. She had a very low cold tolerance. She did even think to herself that she won’t be able to go through the session because of her fear. However, she had no choice. Arthritis pain had already got to her so she finally decided to try cryosauna or popularly known as cryotherapy. Her chronic fatigue slowly dropped off and health condition had turned back to normal.

Mike, from Richboro PA, was looking for a remedy to ease his back and pain in his knees. Moreover, he was trying to figure out the natural means for him to get over the pain in his joints. After a while of deep thinking, he finally decided to go to cryotherapy. He took 15 procedures which finally dissolved all the pain. He did feel better and relaxed. He commended cryotherapy for its effectiveness and efficient operations. He was indeed satisfied and would even want to continue taking the procedures rather than taking a pile of medications.

Dawn, from Southampton PA, also did not disregard the nurture and possible relief she might receive from trying the Cryotherapy. She was indeed excited for the first time encounter of Cryotherapy in cryo spa. She was looking forward to the positive results to her neck and wrist pain. After a while, she developed a smile and said to herself that she had survived Rheumatoid. She even figured out herself living a life with no pain and restrictions at all. Cryotherapy had changed her life.

In a nutshell, cryotherapy is indeed a natural relief or remedy accessible to everyone. It is not only limited to the nearest spa in your town but may also be practiced anywhere else as it is deemed needed.

Try Cryotherapy for yourself with Absolute Zero, the first and largest Whole Body Cryotherapy in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Contact us for your Cryotherapy experience today!

Cryotherapy: It’s Not For Everyone

is cryotherapy for you

Is Cryotherapy for You? The Cold Truth REVEALED.

“I had Cryotherapy and I love the results,” reveals a happy and satisfied patient whose identity was requested to remain a secret. She has been using the treatment for pain management and health benefits.

But what is a Cryotherapy procedure? This is the common question to find online, social media channels and forums, and today we’re revealing the answer as well as information if this kind of ‘cold therapy’ is for you or not. We’ll also talk about the uses, who uses it and who are the ideal and non-ideal candidates for it.

What Is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Also called WBC or cold therapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy Singapore refers to the advanced, sophisticated cold therapy lasting up to three minutes and exposing the skin’s top layers to temperatures between 100 to 150 degrees Celsius inside a chamber.

What is a Cryotherapy chamber? It is advanced medical equipment specially made for the procedure, which was first introduced and popularized in Japan, with the main mission of helping patients suffering from rheumatic illnesses recover and feel relief. And from that time forward, numerous studies, researches and reviews have been conducted to develop the cold therapy principles, in particular to treatment against inflammation, pain management, weight loss, sports injury and muscle recovery and skin conditions.

One of the most common Cryotherapy questions surrounding the treatment, however, “Is there needed Cryotherapy healing time? There is none because it will not interfere with your body’s natural processes.

The procedure works behind the principle of stimulating the cold receptors of the body, sending them into an emergency state wherein rapid vasodilation follows for thinking that the body is about to reach its freezing point.

Following, the body is activating a multitude of survival mechanisms, immediately ensuring proper and sufficient blood and nutrient supply and improving blood circulation, making Cryotherapy for weight loss effective, too.

Hollywood’s Latest Fad: Cryotherapy

One of the most common uses of this procedure is to improve muscle recovery and healing time after a workout, tedious physical activity or sports, and so there is Cryotherapy in sport among athletes.

The main reason that athletes, including Kobe Bryant and LeBron James use it are effective relief against sprained ankles, aching muscles and other sports-related inflammatory conditions they suffer from time to time.

Cryotherapy Singapore: Is It for You?

As the Journal of Athletic Training published a review of Cryotherapy effectiveness in animal models and human studies found that ice could reduce pain.

Ice is a part of an athlete’s mnemonic RICE, meaning “rest, ice, compression and elevation” making “cold therapy,” such as Cryotherapy an effective part of an athlete’s routine, especially in treating or preventing injuries.

Additionally, the US Cryotherapy website revealed that cold air therapy, which is used in Cryotherapy, could help in stimulating one’s central nervous system (CNS) that can lead to a general feeling of wellness, pain cessation, improved muscle condition, improved sleep and faster tissue recovery.

So without even saying based on these authority findings and Cryotherapy reviews, the procedure really works. But is it also for you aside from that it works for sportsmen? [The answer is yes, but you have to see the next section first for determination.]

Cryotherapy athletes are not the only ones ideal to get Cryotherapy, but also the general population. In fact, the treatment has been used in conjunction with other physical therapy techniques that benefit most age groups who are looking to achieve numerous Cryotherapy benefits, including pain management, faster muscle recovery and injury prevention. So is Cryotherapy for you? (If you don’t have any of these conditions, yes it is for you.)

  • Cancer
  • Cardiac conditions
  • Circulatory conditions
  • Claustrophobia
  • Cold hypersensitivity
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Skin graphs

Additionally, Dr. Houman Danesh, a pain management specialist told CBS NY that WBC isn’t for everyone, including those with cold weather wimps, who might experience problems with the extreme coldness. Along these lines, he also advised that those with underlying or certain medical conditions must be very careful, including those with poor blood circulation in the fingers, those with blood clots all over the body and those with asthmatic conditions.

Cryotherapy Freezing Treatments: What Else to Know About It

Former NBA superstar Grant Hill, in an interview for the Arizona Republic (2012), revealed that he doesn’t know what the therapy exactly does for the body, but it will make you feel really good when you get out the chamber. Hill tried and experienced Cryotherapy effects and said nothing but only praises for it. He said that he tried it after games and in mornings of back-to-back games before the following game and also before the games and that he got great results.

In the country, there is Cryotherapy in Singapore under Absolute Zero of the ONLY Group, the country’s largest and most trusted aesthetics and beauty services provider, that offers superior WBC without the need for Cryotherapy aftercare, downtime and recovery time, meaning its patients can get back to their normal life routines, almost after the treatments.

Every procedure lasts up to three minutes inside the Cryotherapy chamber, working to stimulate blood circulation, aid in sufficient oxygen and nutrient supply in every cell and speed up the body’s metabolism, something helpful to patients looking for Cryotherapy and weight loss results.

Not only that Cryotherapy Singapore helps those looking for weight management, but also those seeking permanent pain relief after a workout or games. Therefore, there are also many athletes getting this excellent cold therapy from Absolute Zero, South East Asia’s sole provider of Cryotherapy treatments to its patients in and outside of Singapore.

Just like the thousands of people who have already tried, experienced and noticed the Cryotherapy before and after results, you can also see this “cool” change in your life, no matter your purpose such as weight loss, pain management, improved wellbeing, increased happiness and improved sleep, among others.

And of course, you don’t need to buy a Cryotherapy chamber to experience and see the results and you don’t need to worry about Cryotherapy recovery because this is a pain-free, no downtime, no incision and no needle treatment!

Join the superstar club and experience the wonderful Cryotherapy benefits you will get by scheduling a consultation and treatment with Absolute Zero today!

10 Cryotherapy Benefits You Can Enjoy

cryotherapy benefits

Cryotherapy Benefits 

Cryotherapy Definition

By definition, Cryotherapy refers to a body cooling which is accompanied with therapeutic purposes. An example of cryotherapy is commonly known as whole-body cryotherapy (WBC). It is conducted in an environmentally regulated room which administers an exposure of the body to cold dry air in 3 to 5 minutes. It is an isolated room which ensures a cooling temperature that usually ranges from −100°C and −140°C.

Etiquette rule for the clients who are supposedly undertaking the said therapy is required to wear minimal clothing and gloves. Along with that, nose-covering, and mouth mask have to be secured in order to protect the sensitivity of such. Lastly, wearing dry shoes and socks should not be disregarded. These necessary etiquette clothing must be adhered to, otherwise potential risk or danger of injury may arise from the adverse cooling effects of the therapy.

10 Things You Can Benefit From Cryotherapy

  1. Solution to Obesity and Overweight

Cryotherapy promises to burn calories in your body in 3 minutes. It is the newest trend for people who are having problems in losing weight. Since it involves cold temperature, the body metabolism seems to be suddenly boosted. As a results, this would affect the condition of the person and eventually lose tons of calories and fats. Even celebrities and professionals have tried this and were really surprised with the results. Steven Evans, 38, a dapper British investment banker had lost tons of fats after the cryotherapy.

  1. Clinical Effects to Athletes

Cryotherapy is increasingly employed by most athletes. Sport’s anemia is a common problem of athletes which leads to mechanical breakage in some part of feet and muscular contractions. Most athletes then resorted with cryotherapy to recover from muscle pain.

  1. Recovery from intensive workout

Cryotherapy tends to repair and recovery the energy you have lost. It allows your body to regenerate the tissues that have been used up. It delivers oxygen and nutrient back to the muscles.

  1. Efficacy on immune mediated inflammatory diseases of elderly

Cryotherapy has anti-inflammatory and repairing properties called analgesic component which can treat joint illnesses or aging bone disorders and examples of this are osteosclerosis and arthritis for elderly.

  1. Pain relief could be achieved by means of this cold therapy

Blood circulation improves when you undergo cryotherapy. It allows your body to enhance and increase the amount of oxygen and glucose in the body. The brain releases natural “feel good” chemical to help cope with the extreme cold temperatures. As a consequence, it fosters relaxation and improves sleep. It is considered as a pain therapy.

  1. It can treat mood swings and anxiety disorders

Almost everyone have been consistently appraising with cryotherapy because it eases depression since it release chemicals such as adrenaline and endorphins into the blood regulation. Thus, it also release stress and by decreasing levels of anxiety and irritability.

  1. Improves condition of the skin due to aging

Cryotherapy‘s side effects lighten the unpleasant condition of the ski. It increases the oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin. It tightens skin, closes the pores and prevents wrinkles due to aging. It eliminates toxins and blemishes of your skin. Thus, it tone up and making your skin even more lighter and smoother as a result of vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels) and vasodilatation (dilation of blood vessels).

  1. It makes your metabolism faster

Cryotherapy makes your metabolism operate three times faster. The effect of cold temperatures makes your blood circulation soar letting the oxygen and glucose to boost upon your body. After the therapy, some cellulite will be released from your body as if you have just done an intensive exercise.

  1. It could cure severe eczema or skin illnesses

After the session, patients with eczema regardless of severity level will experience non-itching. The quality of the skin will feel better and smoother. The scratches will then get back to normal. Aside from that, it will also make your skin look lighter and younger thus boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.

  1. It can fight depression and neutralizes mental health

Cryotherapy is not only of benefits to the athletes but also to those people who had history cases of depression and mental illnesses. The therapy involves hormonal manipulation. Bad hormones will be replaced with good ones. Thus, it can be implies that cryotherapy could be attached to a positive psychological effect since it tends to stabilize and make sure the mental welfare of the person.

Absoulute Zero is the first and also the largest Cryotherapy provider in Singapore to provide Whole Body Cryotherapy, Local Cryotherapy and also Cryofacial for a wholesome cryotherapy experience. Contact us for your Cryotherapy experience today!

10 Fun Facts On Cryotherapy

cryotherapy facts

Cryotherapy Facts

Known as a treatment that requires a patient to getting inside a liquid-nitrogen-filled Cryotherapy chamber, with a temperature of between -184 and -292 degrees Fahrenheit, Cryotherapy is the latest trend in the aesthetics and medical world and which is said to bring a multitude of benefits, including weight loss, treatment of skin conditions and pain relief, to name a few. Today, let’s focus on the 10 fun cryotherapy facts on it.


Best 10 Fun Cryotherapy Facts

  1. You can burn up to 800 calories in a matter of minutes by keeping up with extreme cold temperature for up to three minutes inside the Cryotherapy chamber.
  2. NBA superstars, LeBron James, Grant Hill and Shaquille O’Neal have testified to the wonderful Cryotherapy benefits for sports performance, muscle recovery and pain relief. In an article at comSuns Training Staff Unveils Cryo-Chamber,” revealed that Cryotherapy was part of their routine for helping athletes recover fast and improve their performance.
  3. A Cryotherapy chamber was first used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions with symptoms that include pain and discomfort of the muscles and joints.
  4. Cryotherapy in Hollywood is now a favorite among stars like Mandy Moore and Daniel Craig, who are using it for keeping their bodies in top shape. No wonder, the procedure is known to speed up metabolism and burn fat.
  5. The treatment speeds up recovery time after a workout or a strenuous physical activity. Thus, it might be for you if you are one who wants to recover fast after hours in the gym. [You can even have Cryotherapy before a workout to improve your results].
  6. The body, with its emergency response to the cold temperature, hijacks as much blood as possible to get into the preservation method. While the blood is there, it grabs as much as beneficial enzymes and nutrients, and once blood gets into the muscles, it escalates muscle fatigue relief.
  7. It can improve mood and combat depression. Cryotherapy in Singapore can improve blood circulation, facilitating the increased delivery of nutrients and oxygen in the body, leading to the release of endorphins (happy hormones). These hormones are furthered when inside the chamber because they help the body in coping up with extremely low temperature.
  8. Great news for women—Cryotherapy treatment helps in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. Experts agreed how this therapy improves overall skin condition, including wrinkle prevention and reduction and skin tightening.
  9. It reduces cellulite because it causes blood circulation to soar, resulting to a boost in oxygen and nutrients to the cells, speeding up the removal of waste materials and contouring of the muscles.
  10. Cryotherapy was first introduced in Japan in 1978 and its benefits have been refined with studies that took place since then. Numerous medical device makers and medical practitioners grew interested in the freezing technology, so it has gone a long way since that time and now it has been one of the latest trends in the aesthetics and medical industry for Cryotherapy for weight loss and for sports performance.


These are the 10 fun facts to know about Cryotherapy treatment that has taken the world by storm in the past years due to numerous benefits that it offers. To find out if Cryotherapy procedure is for you, come down for a free assessment and consultation at Absolute Zero today!