ABSOLUTE ZERO offers the most comprehensive array of
services like Cyrotherapy, Face Freeze and more.


ABSOLUTE ZERO is a sub-brand of the award winning ONLY Group.

Established in August 2013, Absolute Zero is Asia’s 1st and only Whole Body Cryotherapy chain and an exclusive distributor of the most advanced Whole Body Cryotherapy Chambersin Asia Pacific.

In Whole Body Cryotherapy, the body is exposed to ultra-low temperatures, as low as -300°F, triggering a systemic anti-inflammatory response. This modality was first utilized in Japan in 1978 to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Studies conducted in Europe over the last two decades have established Whole Body Cryotherapy as a powerful treatment for inflammatory disorders and injuries. The treatments have been used to accelerate the production of collagen, to improve skin elasticity and texture, to reverse skin aging, and to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Whole Body Cryotherapy boosts the body’s metabolic rate, which accelerates weight loss. Professional athletes have discovered Whole Body Cryotherapy as a powerful treatment to decrease recovery time and increase athletic performance.

Experience nothing like before. Find out more about Absolute Zero’s Whole Body Cryotherapy.