These food you are eating could be causing joint pains!

Those who have experienced joint aches know how much it hurts and affects your life. Even simple things like bending down to put on your shoes, or picking up items can send unbearable pain through your joints. Chronic pain is a terrible thing to live with, so it is important to be educate yourselves about what you are doing that could be making it worse, and what you could do to help alleviate the pain! Reduce joint pain now by understanding more about it.

  1. Sugar

Yup, sugar is bad for your waistline AND your joints. Not only does excessive sugar consumption increase your chances of developing diabetes and coronary diseases, it also encourages inflammation of your joints. Researchers have found a link between the consumption of sugary drinks and arthritis, so think about that the next time you pick up a can of soft drink! This is one of the causes of joint pain and you definitely don’t want to make it worse.

  1. Omega-6 fatty acids

You may not have heard of it before, but it can be found in lots of food that you consume on a daily basis. Omega-6 fatty acids can be found in soybeans, corn, sunflower oil, which are components of a lot of groceries you are consuming. It can also be found in fried food, egg yolks, and meats. Research has found a correlation between Omega-6 fatty acids and health problems like asthma, cardiovascular diseases, and yes – inflammation! If you have arthritis, you may want to watch what you eat!

  1. Tomatoes

Yes – surprising, isn’t it? We have often associated tomatoes with healthy food, but it could spell bad news for those suffering from gout. Research has shown that tomatoes could actually be a trigger for as high as 20% of people suffering from gout – but you don’t have to cut tomatoes out entirely. Simply reducing the intake would be sufficient.

Now that you know what food you should avoid making joint pains worse, you should also learn about how you can lessen joint pain with tried and tested treatments. Cryotherapy has been used for decades to help people living with joint pain, and we have refined the technology to be more effective than ever. With localised cryotherapy, we can accurately target joint pains to help reduce inflammation, encourage recovery, and alleviate pain. Combine localised cryotherapy with a healthy diet to embark upon your journey to a pain-free life!

Could you freeze your way to a slimmer figure?

We’ve heard about Bikram yoga and how heat can help you (literally) sweat pounds off your frame – but what about cold? There is a common misconception that people put on weight when the weather gets cold, but do you know that you can harness the power of cold to burn off fats too? Don’t worry – lots of people are surprised by this benefit of cryotherapy. Find out more about how you can use cryotherapy for weight loss below!

The principle behind how cryotherapy for weight loss works is simple: by bringing your surface temperature down, your body is shocked into kick starting your metabolism – and we all know what that means. Let your body burn off the fats as easy as that!

This treatment is especially useful for people who may not otherwise be able to dedicate hours every week going to the gym. Perhaps you simply have too much work to do, perhaps you need to pick your kids up after school, or maybe you even suffer from chronic health problems that makes most form of exercise an impossibility. There are various reasons why some people cannot realistically pursue exercise as a method for weight loss, but that does not mean they don’t deserve to have a slim and svelte figure!

Cryogenic therapy has been employed for decades by doctors as an effective method to alleviate pain, there has been evidence indicating that it aids in weight loss as well. Cryotherapy to lose fats is especially useful for people looking to lose fat deposits in stubborn areas, such as the back, upper arms, and even around the armpits.

Got stubborn fat deposits too that you want to get rid of? Why not give Whole Body Cryotherapy a try? Contact us to find out more now!

5 celebrities and athletes who use cryotherapy – could your idol be one of them?

We may not experience winter here in Singapore, but there’s no reason why you can’t give your body a wintry treat with cryotherapy. After all, plenty of stars are freezing themselves to get their bodies in top conditions! Find out which of these celebrities and athletes are harnessing the power of whole body cryotherapy – could your idol be amongst one of them?

  1. Daniel Craig



Who is cooler and more suave than James Bond himself? Daniel Craig is said to have used whole body cryotherapy treatments to get his physique in tip-top condition for his role in Skyfall. If it’s good enough for James Bond, it’s definitely good enough for us.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo


There’s no denying that football is a strenuous sport, and injuries frequently occur on pitch. So how do star footballers stay in top shape and recover quickly from sports-related injuries? Cryogenic therapy, of course. Arguably one of the world’s most famous player – Cristiano Ronaldo – is such a big fan of cryotherapy that he bought a machine just for himself. For those of us who lack the space (and the dough) for our own machine, fortunately there’s Absolute Zero, your solution to cryotherapy in Singapore.

  1. Kobe Bryant


The laundry list of elite athletes using cryo treatment includes star NBA player Kobe Bryant, who uses this chilling technology to ease post-workout soreness. With benefits like fighting inflammation and boosting the body’s immune system, it’s no wonder that whole body cryotherapy is the go-to treatment for sports stars.

  1. Usain Bolt


With cryotherapy listed as one of the recommended recovery technique by none other than the International Olympic Committee, it is no surprise that Olympic medalists turn to Whole Body Cryotherapy as well. Usain Bolt is amongst one of the most notable believers of whole body cryotherapy – and with so many medals and world records to back him up, who is to challenge his beliefs?

  1. Jessica Alba


Cryogenic therapy is not just for men – various female Hollywood A-listers have been known to turn to liquid nitrogen cryotherapy to boost their looks and well-being. Ever wondered how Jessica Alba seem to stay permanently youthful and svelte? Well – cryotherapy may be the answer to that! Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, and Demi Lovato are amongst others who were seen to also freeze themselves into shape.

You don’t have to be a celebrity or elite athlete to try out Whole Body Cryotherapy – contact Absolute Zero now to see how you can too benefit from it!