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Surprising Facts About Cryotherapy: You Definitely Have to READ This. Period.

People are raving about a Cryotherapy spa and for reasons. This is the latest in aesthetics, beauty and health treatments in town that gives nothing but total benefits. You will not believe the fact that there are now Cryotherapy athletes who have tried this wonderful fat loss and body conditioning treatment. So in today’s post, we’re going to show you every bit of information you have to know about this superb treatment and reasons it is gaining the massive attention of the public, the media, and the superstars!

What Is Whole Body Cryotherapy & How Does It Work?

From the Greek word “Cryo” meaning “cold,” Cryotherapy treatment refers to the utilization of cold, dry and vaporized liquid nitrogen that works to cool your skin’s surface to below -1 degree Celsius, tricking your body to thinking it is at risk to freezing inside a chamber.

What is a Cryotherapy chamber?

During a session, you will be asked to stand inside of it, but you will have to keep your head out. Next thing, a medical technician will start filling the chamber up with nitrogen vapor, which works to decrease the temperature inside, ranging from a ‘negative’ 100 to 150 degrees Celsius, which will cause the drop in your skin’s top layer temperature at almost freezing level.

Additionally in this Cryotherapy whole body session, your body will be placed in a pseudo-emergency condition or state, triggering a gamut of your body’s biochemical defenses/responses, resulting to a wide range of benefits, including fitness, health, and overall wellbeing. [*This non-disruptive, non-invasive and pain-free session lasting at most three minutes.]

Hollywood’s Latest Fad: Cryotherapy

Getting ice-cold is the key to a ‘hot body’—what Cryotherapy is known for in the first place. It gets your entire body into subzero, which will help you start losing fat forever—guaranteed! This is a top treatment for fat loss among millions of people in the world and like-minded fitness and health conscious people have already spoken.

Right now, famous athletes and celebrities have taken the plunge and have been using Cryotherapy for a plethora of fitness and health benefits. According to Tech Times, NBA superstars, including LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. love and swear by it. [Floyd gets Cryotherapy before and after his fights!]. And as evidence that it is one of the latest fads in Hollywood, the treatment was even featured on June 17 at “Good Morning America.”

You don’t have to buy a Cryotherapy chamber to experience what famous celebrities like Demi Moore have experience though, but just get the treatment at Absolute Zero (under the ONLY Clinic in Singapore). If you do, you will be able to get all the great benefits from it.

But maybe you’re asking, “Does a Cryotherapy hurt?” The answer is “No.” Your body’s top skin layers will be exposed to cool and dry air vapors to reach subzero, but it won’t interfere with your its natural processes or hurt your organs.

Cryotherapy Singapore Benefits

Absolute Zero, the first provider of Cryotherapy in Singapore and the rest of South East Asia, is conceptualized, designed and created with your entire health, fitness, and safety in mind. Having that said, this advanced technology brings you no side effects but only benefits, including Cryotherapy weight loss, which we’re going to discuss a bit a little later.

To experience Cryotherapy benefits, be aware that this process takes up to three minutes of your time, requires no downtime and works without incisions, needles and pain whatsoever. By sending emergency signals to the brain that the body is reaching freezing point, it activates your body’s natural healing processes and stimulates physical reactions. But once you’re out the chamber, your body will start reheating and returning to normal temperature.

One cool benefit is that there is no Cryotherapy aftercare required; thus, going back to your normal activities is very possible, ideal to those patients, who are busy with business and work. Therefore, you can just return to your normal life after a Cryotherapy—guaranteed!

Cryotherapy and weight loss are one of the major benefits for many patients since 1979, when they (athletes, fitness seekers….) have started with the ‘cold treatment,’ which does not only help them speed up muscle recovery and create a general well-being feel, but also gives them a hot body.

Along the lines of weight loss, this special treatment speeds up your metabolism by up to three folds faster, while it reduces cellulite fast, too. How does it do that? The sub-zero temperature inside the chamber boosts the supply of nutrients and oxygen in your body while it speeds up toxin removal and muscle toning.

Not only that it speeds up fat and weight loss, but it also helps in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging because it can improve the overall skin condition by increasing the supply of both nutrients and oxygen to it. Additionally, it aids in burning between 500 and 800 calories per session, great news for those looking to achieve a gorgeous body with Cryotherapy.

And last but not the least, athletes and sports enthusiasts as mentioned make use of it for faster muscle recovery, healing from sports traumas and biological regeneration. Along these lines, athletes also gain the advantage of reducing swelling and pain because the therapy inhibits inflammation and improves overall joint and muscle function. Therefore, they can achieve quicker results so that they can get back into the game faster.

Absolute Zero: The Best vs. the Rest for Cryotherapy Freezing Treatments

Cryotherapy Singapore offers huge health and fitness benefits you won’t want to miss. For the best results, you should get it only from the leading aesthetics group, ONLY, from our Absolute Zero Clinic, the first and only in South East Asia that provides this great treatment that our patients come back to us for.

To sum it up, Cryotherapy in Singapore is what you need if you want to lose fat fast, gain a psychological competitive edge (with confidence, good mood, and feeling of wellbeing), increase muscle recovery time after workout or sports, enhance muscle strength and sports performance and improve overall health.

Schedule a whole body Cryotherapy Singapore with ABSOLUTE ZERO and start living your life to the fullest with a healthier, stronger and hotter body today!